Call for Papers

The Greek Journal of Sport and Social Sciences calls for papers for the upcoming issue of the journal, which is due to be published in late 2022. It is an open-access journal publishing original articles, which are subject to a double-blind peer review process. Papers must not have been previously submitted for publication in another journal. After the completion of the peer-review process, papers that receive the approval of the Editorial Committee will be published in priority order, depending on the date of submission. The article should be between 7000 and 9000 words in length, including references, notes, tables and figures. It must also accompanied by an abstract (approximately 150–200 words), and 5–8 keywords, listed at the beginning. While research papers may vary in style and arrangement given their theoretical and methodological paradigms, they usually include (1): an introduction that clearly states the purpose and reasoning of the article (2) a review of the literature that provides fertile ground for relevant investigation and key approach, (3) a methodological framework describing the approach and methodological strategy of the study; (4) a presentation of results and analysis of findings, followed by (5) a relevant commentary, highlighting new and important observations for the study; and (6) key conclusions and reflective observations in the study’s contribution to future field research.

Moreover, the Greek Journal of Sport and Social Sciences publishes reviews of books or products of visual culture associated with sport. Such reviews are evaluated by a single reviewer. They are typically of 1500–2500 words in length each, including references, notes, tables and figures. Reviews do not require an abstract or keywords.

You may submit your contribution by September 30th 2022, adhering to the journal's "Instructions for Authors", to the following e-mail: