Review article: Recent works on ancient slavery


  • Kostas Vlassopoulos University of Crete


Reviews of publications on ancient slavery appear across a number of journals: some are journals with a general Classics readership, others are more specifically focused on ancient history, while books on ancient slavery are occasionally reviewed in the few specialist journals on world slavery, or the many non-specialist history journals. The dispersion of reviews across so many and so different journals, and the usually limited space allowed for reviews in most journals, makes it often difficult, if not impossible, to follow the development of the field as a whole. 
This review article aims to offer to the academic community a service that could prove of significant value and attract widespread interest. By bringing together reviews of multiple works on ancient slavery on a regular basis, it aims to set these works in a wider framework of the historiography of the study of ancient slavery, explore their interconnections, highlight the emergence of new areas of research and new approaches, and provide an overview of the development of the field.




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